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 About Clarisse Conner

Clarisse Conner is a naturally gifted psychic and clairvoyant.
   Clarisse has been doing Psychic and Tarot Readings for the public since 1977.  Clarisse is a Radio Psychic and has been doing  live readings on the air since the early 1980's in Washington State, Denver Colorado  and California. Working on radio doing live readings for 12 years with Rick Barber on KOA Radio, Clarisse's "spot on" readings  led to her popularity as an International Spiritual Advisor.
  Working with people from all walks of life, Clarisse has helped people find hidden answers to important questions.
  Clarisse does telephone readings for people  all over the world.   She has a  deep faith in God and the Angels of Eternal Light and Love.   Knowing we are all connected by the intricate energies in the Universe,  Clarisse can interpret and read the energies of people, places, events, situations, pets, and spiritual issues.
 Do you have questions about Love, Career, Money, Dreams, Emotions, Finding Your Authentic Self  ??? Clarisse offers Blessings, Life Coaching,  Paranormal Help, Centering, Protection, & Clearing negative energies.  Want to know how to Balance in these Chaotic times??

   One phone call to Clarisse 530-877-3446 brings you a life changing, illuminating reading, preparing you for what is ahead. 

    Clarisse has had many paranormal experiences since early childhood.  She saw Angels and spirits and heard messages and knew things before they happened ....pre-cognition.  Her life time of seeing visions, hearing messages, feeling spirits and working with the Other Side enables Clarisse to guide and assist her clients.  

    Working as a Professional Psychic since 1988, doing consultations, presenting at Conferences, workshops,Psychic Fairs, One-on-one teaching, Mentoring, Coaching, and Private Readings gives Clarisse the experience needed to give accurate advice! 

    Clarisse's many psychic abilities and her genuine compassion for  people has made  Psychic Clarisse a very sought after, trusted  adviser.
  Call NOW to Book Your Life-Changing 30 minutes  Psychic ReadingAppointment with Clarisse Conner!!
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