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I am  Clarisse Conner.

I am a Clairvoyant and Intuitive Consultant.  I am a Professional Psychic in northern California.  My lifetime of paranormal experiences and professional hands-on experience doing readings for 30+ years, gives me knowledge as a Psychic Specialist.  I am dedicated as ever to provide excellent psychic services to help you with your important questions and challenges.   It's not just a Reading, it's an Experience!
My Grandmother Katherine was a country woman who spent much of her life helping neighbors deliver their babies and nurturing those around her.  Many times she would be gifted with offerings of food because in those days, many people had little money. 
Gifted with my lineage, I was born with psychic abilities and  could see what others could not, hear it, feel it, and sense the presence of spirits and Angels. At the age of eleven, I was seeing visions and going into them, able to remote view and experience another realm.  Many years of meditation, prayers and concentration have helped me develop my psychic awareness expanding my gifts and abilities.
I use my intuitive clairvoyant abilities to access information and bring Hope, Clarity and Enlightenment to my clients.        
5660 Skyway #A
Paradise, CA 95969          1-530-877-3446 

        Psychic Reading                                                           
         20 minutes $60  
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